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emma’s college saga mix: year one » the unsuspecting hero

for ending up somewhere you didn’t want to be and having to make the most of it, if not for your sake then for the sake of someone else. for the helplessness that consumes you when you’re alone in a crowd of people who all seem to be doing just fine and they don’t seem to notice that you’re screaming that you don’t belong. for wanting to belong. for watching your friends grow and move on without you while you feel like you’re stagnating, and everyone tells you that this is when you discover yourself. for when you don’t like what you discover. for the times you realise you’re doing a damn sight better than everyone else; for the times that matters, and for the times that it doesn’t. for realising you’re kickass. for feeling like shit. for loneliness, self-reliance, and every other contradictory emotion you go through just to get to the point where you cease to care what anyone thinks because that’s all you can do to carry on moving at the speed of light. and, most importantly, for coming to the end and realising that you survived and you are so much stronger because of it.

it’s time - imagine dragons | if it makes you happy - sheryl crow | everybody’s changing - keane | happening - chiddy bang | ill - the indelicates | hey girl - zooey deschanel | hard way home - brandi carlile | oxford comma - vampire weekend | oh no! - marina and the diamonds | better than me - the brobecks | draw a crowd - ben folds five | chin music for the unsuspecting hero - foster the people | pompeii - bastille | cough syrup - young the giant | flagpole sitta - harvey danger | celebrity skin - hole | the tide - mallory | mr. hurricane - beast | good day - nappy roots | catch my breath - kelly clarkson

listen here.

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