Anonymous says:
Oh hai, noob here.
How do you make Fanmixes? I REALLY wanna make one but..dunno how :c
I've tried to google it, but I can't find anything.

oh haiii back noobie :3

i’m not sure if you mean how to make the cover or just generally how to go about making one with songs and all?

- you can make your mix available to download like this: after choosing your songs, zipping them all with winzip or winrar/something similar and then uploading it onto a website like 

- as for how to make fanmix covers, you’re right there isn’t much about how to do that online lol i didn’t realise. i’m going to check if i have any ps files of my own mixes left and write a tutorial sometime, but really making the covers is just like making any other graphics :3 the only difference is the size, which is generally around 465 x 465 to 500 x 500 pixels (please see our submission guidelines) and that the song list tends to be on the back cover, if a back cover for the mix has been made.

so basically you can use any graphics tutorial for a signature, blend/banner but with a different size layer, if that makes sense. caution to the wind, pandora’s closet i believe that’s still around, red carpet & rebellion all have very good tutorials there until i put up a couple tutorials here myself =)

- i found one tutorial! that’s for anime characters not with photos of real people sadly, but don’t worry anon i’ll try and write up a tutorial for you real soon! and i hope this has been helpful to anybody else who’d been wondering too x 

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